Exclusivité web ! Falcon Eyes Accessory Set LA-K7 for Mini Fresnel Expand

Falcon Eyes Accessory Set LA-K7 for Mini Fresnel

Falcon Eyes Falcon Eyes



1x Falcon Eyes Softbox SGA-SB2030S
1x Diffusion ball
1x Conical Snoot
3x Honeycomb
1x Valve set
4x Colour filter (white, blue, yellow and orange)
1x Adapter ring

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The Falcon Eyes Accessory Set LA-K7 is a complete expansion set that you can use with the Falcon Eyes P-5 series and Linkstar 'Lucia' LED Fresnel Lights. With this accessory set you can add a wide range of effects to the light of the Falcon Eyes and Linkstar fresnel lamps (see optional accessories). For example, you can make the light softer, bundle it and give it more control, give it more spread or just give it a different colour. Whatever effect you want to add, you will find the necessary accessory in this Falcon Eyes LA-K7 set!

To soften the light, a silver softbox (SGA-SB2030S) is included. This is easy to fold out. With the diffuser, or diffuser sphere, you can create a nice soft light distribution. In addition, with this set you also have access to a conical nut and three types of honeycomb (all with different patterns). This allows you to focus and control the light more. With the valve set you can also steer the light, but also give it a different direction. If you want to give a different colour to the light, you can use the colour filters. These are supplied in the colours blue, white, yellow and orange. All accessories can easily be attached to the Falcon Eyes LED lamps.

Usage Falcon Eyes Accessory Set LA-K7
To use the accessories, turn the adapter ring around the fresnel lamp. To do this, loosen the screw on the adapter ring, place the ring around the body and then tighten the screw again. To use the different accessories, press the grey button (located on the adapter ring) down and place it in the ring. Turn the accessory a little further and then release the push button again. To use the small type of honeycomb, place it around the body of the conical nut. The large honeycomb can be attached directly to the adapter ring. Using the optionally available adapter CA-SGU you can also use it in combination with other lamps.

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