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Exclusivité web ! Falcon Eyes Bi-Color Mini LED Fresnel Kit P-5AD-K3 Expand

Falcon Eyes Bi-Color Mini LED Fresnel Kit P-5AD-K3

Falcon Eyes Falcon Eyes



3x Falcon Eyes Mini LED Fresnel P-5AD
3x Control unit with V-mount connector
3x Adjustable L-bracket
3x Falcon Eyes AD-PS1 Battery adapter (V-mount to NP-F)
3x Valve kit, 3x Power cable with AC adapter, 3x Antenna
3x Power adapter
1x Wheeled carrying case (with filler-foam)

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The Falcon Eyes Bi-Color Mini LED Fresnel Set P-5AD-K3 is the complete set with everything you need to create the perfect, powerful light for your recording. Includes three compact LED Fresnel lamps, with the necessary accessories for each lamp, and a transport case on wheels that can be moved around on wheels.

The power of 50W is optimised thanks to the fresnel filter, creating a beautiful, strong beam of light. Thanks to this filter, you also have the range and beam of traditional continuous lighting, but without the heat, size and weight that traditional lighting or spotlights bring. Both the power and the colour temperature (3000K-5600K) are infinitely adjustable. In addition, you can rely on a CRI value (colour fastness) of no less than 97, thanks to a special LED chip integrated into the lamp. The orange rotating ring also allows you to adjust the light distribution from 12° to 44°. You can also apply many more light effects using the Falcon Eyes Accessory set LA-K7

The control unit has a V-mount connection, but you can also control the controllers with NP-F batteries via the included battery adapters. This allows you to use the set both in your studio and on location. The lights are supplied in an L-bracket, with which you can use the LED freewheels in your hand, but of course you can also place them on a tripod (via the female thread at the bottom).
The mini LED fresnel also has a Bowens connection, to which you can connect various accessories, such as a softbox. You can easily take the whole thing with you in the supplied wheeled transport case. The compartments in the roll case are fitted with foam and arranged in such a way that all lights and accessories remain safely in place during transport.

Usage Falcon Eyes Bi-Color Mini LED Fresnel Kit P-5AD-K3
Because of its compact size and power, the set is extremely handy for use during, for example, ENG productions (productions on location), small studios and interviews.
As standard, the LED lamp runs on 230V, but you can also use the lamps via optionally available batteries.

Réglage flux lumineux Réglable en continu
Puissance LED 50 W
Mode de couleur Bi-Color
Température de couleur 3000~5600 °K - Bi-Color
CRI 95
Ventilateur de refroidissement Non
Forme Octogonale / Rond
Alimentation Tension réseau / Batterie
Sac Inclus
Dimensions 23,4 x 14,5 cm
Poids 1,70 Kg

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