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Soft LED Lamp LPL-S6002TD 120W - Falcon Eyes

Falcon Eyes Falcon Eyes



1 x Falcon Eyes LPL-S6002TD LED Light; 1 x U-bracket; 1 x Control unit; 1 x bag

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The Falcon Eyes LPL-S6002TD is a high-powered SMD LED Lamp, Due to the SMD LEDs there is a better spread of light with a beam angle of 120°. The Lamp is dimmable and has a high CRI value of 95. These temperatures can be adjusted with the included control unit. The colour temperature of the LPL-S6002TD can be adjusted from 3000K (warm light) to 8000K (white light). The setting of the colour temperature is displayed on the LCD display.

New S-generation
The LED lamp uses a special filter, which makes the individual LEDs invisible. The light will spread out as one soft haze. You can compare this to the light of the sun, which is spread by the clouds. We call this natural light.

Features Falcon Eyes LPL-S6002TD Dimmable LED Light
The LPL-S6002TD is flicker free and when switched on, does not reach a high temperature, therefore making it suitable for filming and product and portrait photography. The LED lamp is delivered with a U-Bracket, enabling you to mount the lamp onto most universal light stands. Also included is a protective carry bag.

LED Illumination Angle
Full power (1 meter): 62 degrees
Full power (2 meter): 64 degrees
Half power (1 meter): 62 degrees

Wireless communication:

When using the control panel at the backside of for example the Sophiez, LPL and RX lights you can control all the lights at the same time. The only thing you have to do is putting all the lights at the same channel (A/B/C/D OFF), after putting all the lights on to the same channel you can control the whole group. When you’ve got different kind of lamps from these series you can also control them with just one control panel. It is possible to create different sets and to control them by setting them on different channels.

Disponibilité des pièces détachées / consommables -
CRI 90
Garantie 2 ans
Mode de couleur Bi-Color
Température de couleur 3000~5600 °K - Bi-Color
Puissance LED 120 W
Alimentation Tension réseau / Batterie